Nobody does Downtown like we do.

Great cities are grown, not manufactured. That’s why Cherry Development started at Las Vegas’ roots. We’re here to make a vibrant city core – a place that’s electric, enticing and thoroughly unforgettable.

This is where the city never forgets itself – and where it knows exactly where it’s going. Whether it’s friends at the corner table of the neighborhood coffee shop, spotting that must-have piece of fashion in an out-of-the-way boutique, the site of the forever legs of a six-foot model as she steps into an artist’s studio, or the sounds of a singer/songwriter lending his latest creation to the local soundscape, this is a place like no other. And we’re proud to weave it together with stunning residential high rises that do more than create a backdrop – they’re a destination unto themselves.

Because Downtown, it’s not about finding a home. It’s about discovering a way of life.

Are you in? Then check us out.

All of our developments share a dedication to great design, livable features and fine craftsmanship, but each one has its own special identity. There’s one that fits you like a well-tailored suit.