The vision of Cherry Development is fueled by our cofounder, Sam Cherry. But greatness isn’t built on vision alone. That’s why Sam has purposefully built a company that is known not only for its innovation, but also for its honesty, integrity and dedication to doing truly great work.

This philosophy first took shape as SOHO Lofts, the first residential high-rise to redefine the Downtown skyline. The success of this development was soon followed by Newport Lofts. In the process, Sam and his team not only built a company, but they also crafted a purposeful urban core for Las Vegas.

That teamwork is essential. Cherry partnered with top architects, engineers and designers – many of them known the world over. This is what takes a vision to a masterpiece.

Cherry Development creates living spaces meant to recall the great artist lofts of Manhattan and Philadelphia – infused with the wide open feel of the American West and the one-of-a-kind verve of Las Vegas. It’s a remix of everything you’ve ever known about urban living. And the hits keep coming.