It’s the legendary heart of a legendary town. And it’s more alive than ever.

The Fremont Street Experience. The Entertainment District. The 10,000 people who descend on Downtown for the First Friday arts event every month. New places to hang like the Art Bar, the Godt Cleary Project, Hennessey’s, Mickey Finz, and The Trifecta Gallery in the Arts Factory, just to name-check a few.

Downtown lives and breathes culture. The Arts Factory is home to 24 galleries, all in a single location. The tenants of Soho Lofts who are passionate about the local scene and do their part to enliven every block. New galleries, shops and tent venues are springing up all the time on Main and Colorado streets. There’s always something new to see, breakthrough music to discover and eye-opening performances to experience.

We’re proud to be a part of it – creating high rises that have helped elevate the entire neighborhood.

Sam [Cherry] isn’t the only thing shaping downtown into what it’s becoming. But he’s certainly an integral part of it. Have you seen Soho lofts? Beautiful. He nailed it, alright.

Oscar Goodman, Former Mayor of Las Vegas

With the reurbanization of downtown Las Vegas, we are changing the face of this valley and Sam Cherry is helping lead this revitalization effort with three condo projects in the heart of downtown.

Oscar Goodman, Former Mayor of Las Vegas